DraftCraft is an India-based media-legal think-tank that endeavours to research, document, film and advocate on behalf of the most ignored, under-reported, marginalised sections of society. DraftCraft has been initiated by Gajanan Khergamker - independent editor, legal counsel and documentary film-maker - with over three decades of experience.

DraftCraft fetches legal aid to the deprived through positive activism and legal intervention. Besides providing a platform for the affected through a series of campaigns aimed to agitate and advocate for the underdog. It generates content through media for newspapers and online portals as well as produces socially- relevant docufilms through DraftCraft Films (Productions) that films fact and disseminates it via media. DraftCraft is not an NGO, charitable organisation, society or trust.

Through Society Matters campaign, DraftCraft will provide legal support by way of drafting RTI applications, pose legal queries before pertinent civic officials, represent affected groups and individuals at relevant fora; hold workshops, exhibitions and talks to help bridge differences; create content by way of editorials and films to drive home the point and urge the authority to intervene and resolve; help provide targeted advocacy for niche causes and Be The Change!

The information provided as Gajanan Khergamker's Opinion and DraftCraft Take can be used for reference and/or reproduced in the media but only verbatim, 'as is' and with complete and proper attributions. Any attempt or use in an altered form will tantamount to misrepresentation or mistake for which neither Gajanan Khergamker nor DraftCraft will be held responsible. The act may also invite legal action for defamation and copyright violation from Gajanan Khergamker.

An official and/or legal opinion or article customised to meet the needs of a news item/editorial or a legal brief/petition may be sought or commissioned by contacting Team DraftCraft at contact@draftcraft.in or call at 08080441593.